The Best Gyms in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (2022 List)

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We have created a list of the best gyms in playa del carmen, mexico.

If you are thinking of moving to or visiting Playa Del Carmen – it is a place full of physically fit digital nomads from around the world.

In Playa Del Carmen, the gyms are crowded with people who love to work out. You can find gyms in all price ranges from $300 up to $1,500 Mexico pesos.

People tend to be more fit when they live near a beach since the public is always ready for swimwear season since there is no such thing as winter weight.

Even retired seniors are jumping on the gym opportunities in Playa del Carmen, to stay in shape, so they can be more healthy while residing in Playa.

Gyms are becoming increasingly popular, but they are not as inexpensive as you might imagine, from our research most gyms

There are a few gyms in Playa Del Carmen, and this is a guide to where you can find them all. Let us dive right into the best gyms in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

The Best Gyms in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is a city of fitness centers, but there are a few gyms that specifically deserves to be mentioned, and those are as follows:

The Gym Playa Del Carmen

The gym is renowned with day pass customers, tourists, members of the gym elite, and fitness enthusiasts. It is the poshest and most luxurious gym in Playa Del Carmen, and it is also the most exclusive. It boasts excellent equipment and many services and is conveniently located.

The gym has a cafeteria, towel service, many classes, personal training and is available seven days a week, so there is no excuse not to attend.

Check out the gym’s DJ nights and work out while a live DJ spins music for you. While visiting the gym, inquire about the savings and privileges available to you as a member of Playa Fitness.


The Gym Playa Del Carmen is located on the first avenue between Constituyentes Avenue and 16th Street.

Customer Review

The best option in Playa del Carmen so far! The gym is constantly clean (and the air conditioning is usually on), which is ideal for the hot weather we get here! It’s also extremely clean, with cleaning professionals constantly on the premises to clean, safe, and gleaming.

Evolve Gym Playa Del Carmen

Evolve Gyms has three facilities in Playa Del Carmen’s downtown area. It is possible to exercise in all four of Evolve’s Playa’s fitness centers with a single membership to the 24-Hour Fitness facility located between Fifth and Tenth Avenue on the 24th Street corridor.

Evolve Gym (24th St)

This is Evolve’s flagship gym and our personal favorite. It is the most modernized of Evolve’s three gyms and has air conditioning. This gym has a total area of 15,000 square feet and includes full locker rooms (sauna), a juice bar, personal training, and various classes.

This is usually the best all-around gym to join, and we recommend it to Playa Del Carmen visitors. Locals with middle to upper-income levels, ex-pats who live nearby, and tourists searching for a good gym are the kind of individuals who use the gym.


It is located on 2 street between 5 and 10 venue.

Customer Review

This gym is ideal for those who appreciate independence, the ability to decide whether or not to wear a mask. Thank you very much!! However, because it is always jam-packed, Sundays are the best day to go because it is the slowest, or be finished working out by 8:45 a.m. at the very latest. Otherwise, it’s a well-equipped gym, although the cardio equipment was infrequently functional during my month as a member.

Evolve Gym (Juarez Avenue)

This gym sits on the second story of this structure, with the sight of Juarez Avenue and the Interstate. It’s air-conditioned, but it’s always a touch warmer than you’d like. The enormous glass windows do not help it.

This building does have an OXXO convenience shop on the first floor. In the gym, there is also a juice bar. It contains one bright and happy classroom with adequate, if not extensive, equipment. Locals who are fitness-conscious visit this gym frequently. It is on the northwestern side of Juarez Avenue and the Highway.


It is located on the 2nd floor of Juarez Avenue.

Customer Review

This site needs to limit the number of pieces of equipment that guests can utilize simultaneously. It’s hard to work out because one gym member is hyper-set on three machines and two sets of weights simultaneously. Apart from that, I enjoy Evolve Fitness.

Evolve Gym (Avenue Constituyentes)

Evolve has now established its sixth gym. The intersection of Constituyentes Avenue and 95th Avenue is where you’ll find this one. It’s on the upper level of a tiny plaza. This gym features brand new equipment as well as two classrooms. The gym does not have air conditioning because it is fan-cooled. This gym does not provide towels, so be sure to bring your own.


It is located at 95th Constituyentes Avenue.

Customer Review

The air conditioning should be cooler. Aside from that, it’s a terrific gym with many machines and friendly people. It’s the best gym in Playa for bodybuilders. Unless you’re devoted to bodybuilding, this is not the gym for you.

Paradisus Playa Del Carmen Gym

While working out at the Paradisus,  the Caribbean Sea is visible from this magnificent seaside property encircled by a beautiful tropical mangrove.

Family concierge, free Wi-Fi, and on-site parking are all included. Guests may unwind at the spa, which offers a selection of facial and body treatments, as well as thalassotherapy and massages.


It is located at 5th Avenida, Playa del Carmen 77719 Mexico.

Customer Review

This gym has everything you require to keep in shape. Although some workout machines may be lacking, the gym provides most of the necessary equipment to complete your workout.

Coco Gym Beach Playa del Carmen

It’s hard to resist working out while watching the Caribbean Sea while surrounded by sand under your feet. Coco Gym Beach, without a doubt, is a great spot that deserves to be visited.

Natural materials are used to construct the equipment at Coco Gym Beach, lending the facility a raw and exotic feel. Have you ever tried your hand at a workout with wooden dumbbells?

If not, now is the time to give it a shot. Every muscle part may be worked out with the instruments provided, and there is also a stretching and cardio room to keep you healthy.


It is located at Calle 40 Encanto Beach Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Customer Review

There were times when I wished I could have stayed longer and was disappointed when I had to leave. The gym was excellent, with a wide selection of equipment, excellent service, and employees committed to performing excellent work.

Barbell Playa Gym

This is a powerful gym dedicated to assisting customers in becoming as strong as possible while avoiding injury. They enjoy compound movements like squatting, benching, and deadlifting, but there is enough machinery and equipment to do a complete full-body workout. Memberships are inexpensive, and there is always a floor trainer on hand to assist you with your activities.


It is located at The Ejido’s Calle 4 Norte, between 55th and 60th Avenues.

Customer Review

It’s the best gym I’ve ever been to. Excellent classes, a fantastic team, and kind and welcoming people!

Which Hotels in Playa del Carmen Have Gyms?

Many hotels possess gyms in Playa del Carmen, but some of the most famous include the following:

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Gym

The Grand Hyatt Resort’s hotel gym has an Excellent Gym Factor rating. It is located near Mamita’s Beach and features three ocean-front outdoor pools and a spa and wellness center with outstanding architecture modeled after a cenote, among other amenities. Natural materials, artwork, textures, and light, have been included in the design concept.

Hilton Playa del Carmen Gym

A short walk from the ocean, the Hilton Playa del Carmen is located in the center of Playa del Carmen. The beach town is laid out in a grid pattern, allowing you to simply navigate the neighboring streets. The gym center is relatively modern and well-designed, and the machinery and equipment are state-of-the-art.

Thompson Playa del Carmen Gym

The Thompson Playa del Carmen offers a pool and gym that is open all year, as well as a restaurant where guests can dine. Air conditioning and a flat-screen television with cable channels are provided in each room at this motel. Specific units have a seating space where you may unwind after a long day at work.

Final Takeaway

People of Playa del Carmen are considered very enthusiastic when it comes to fitness. That is why there are countless gyms in the city.

Some of them offer numerous facilities that you might be looking for. Therefore, we have assembled a thorough guide of the best gyms in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for you.

If you have any more gyms to list, please send us an email, with the gym information.

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