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Are you struggling with where to spend your online marketing budget? Here are some tips.

Whether you are a photographer or your company that sells a SaaS solution, your business needs new leads daily to thrive.

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In this blog post, we talk about some of the best online marketing channels to invest in.

Have you thought about the number of advertisements your customer sees in just one day? Hundreds if not thousands.

When you consider billboards, social media, banners, and Google Ads targeting your customer throughout the day, the number is staggering.

Consumers are getting better than ever at ignoring these blatant marketing tactics. So much so, that seeing becomes ignoring. So, where does that leave today’s CMO or marketing department?

Refocusing Your Efforts on the Best Online Lead Generation Channels

To generate successful leads for your sales team and reach a constantly evolving and elusive audience, marketers must be investing their resources in the most effective lead generation channels.

To help you reach your target audience and keep your sales team with fresh leads, here is a lead generation cheat sheet to look at the most effective lead generation channels for your business.

The Most Effective Lead Generation Channels:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is still the king but should be looked at as long term and tedious process. SEO is one of the most effective lead generation channels worth investing in.

This is because most of the other channels on this list rely on customers organically finding your business website, content, or social media profiles to generate leads.

The only way potential customers can find the content of your website organically is if your keywords are ranking high on the first or second page which is determined by Google’s secret sauce of over one hundred different ranking signals.

SEO encompasses everything from the types of keywords and phrases found on your website, to the sites linking to your content, and whether your website is mobile-friendly, and fast loading.

Businesses’ looking to improve their search engine rankings must hire a qualified SEO consultant to consistently improve all the key metrics Google looks at.

Considering how crucial SEO is to your overall online lead generation efforts, your business simply cannot afford to put off hiring for this need any longer.

  1. Landing Page and Website Optimization: One of the most effective ways to generate leads is from your business website.
  • Having a modern-looking and responsive website for your business is not enough to generate the number of leads your business needs for continued growth.
  • Your business website and landing pages must be optimized to drive ideal customer and user behaviors. To do so, you will need to enhance and improve the user experience (UX) of your website.
  • Landing pages are crucial to driving leads on your website since these pages are often where most of your website leads will be generated from. This means even more attention needs must be given to the design and usability of these pages
  • Are they easy to navigate?
  • Is the design of your website and landing pages current and sleek?
  • Are your web pages loading super-fast?
  • Are all links correctly navigating to the customer to contact you? These are the types of questions you need to continuously address to effectively generate leads through this channel.
  1. Paid Media: Channels such as Google Ads are the fastest way to reach and test your offer to your market. Paid media serves as the fastest way to get your content to your customer, but you are paying for every click.

Utilizing paid media in tandem with your SEO lead generation practices can set you up for success in the short and long term.

How is that? Well, organic lead generation practices, SEO, and blogging, for example, take time to work their magic. With paid media, you are paying to get your content in front of potential leads in the blink of an eye.

Once you go live with paid media campaigns, channels such as Google immediately puts your content to work, and you start reaching your potential new customers.

Another advantage of utilizing paid media for lead generation is the ability to closely target your ideal audience by displaying your customized ads to people based on their keyword search, demographics, geographic location, and behavior.

This means that you are not only reaching people faster, but you are also reaching people who have done all the research and are looking to buy now.

  1. Email Marketing: This is still one of the most effective lead generation channels. To seasoned marketers, this is no surprise.

Email marketing is one of the only lead generation channels that has remained effective for over two decades. The latest trend in email marketing that your business should be utilizing is marketing automation.

Email marketing automation tools work by connecting with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database and allowing you to send automated, highly targeted, and personalized emails to leads.

This can include personalization in the form of adding the customer’s name to the subject line, incorporating an element or phrase they have recently searched for online in the email copy, or mentioning their current business name.

Marketing automation can also capture more data on customers in your database and use behavioral triggers to help you successfully market to them through email.

Businesses that have not invested in marketing automation tools to enhance their email marketing strategies for lead generation risk losing customers to competitors that have.

  1. Content Marketing: Content marketing is an art and a science!

Content marketing is one of the hardest lead generation channels to execute. That is because ensuring your content is reaching your intended audience is easier said than done.

To effectively generate leads through content, you must be creating content your audience is interested in and capable of finding organically through a Google search or Google Ads or while browsing the news feed on social media platforms they frequent.

So, content needs to be beautifully designed, packed with nuggets, and actionable to your potential client.

The best way to generate leads through content marketing is to experiment. Create several types of content, including blogs, whitepapers, infographics, videos, and podcasts, to see which best resonates with and attracts your customers.

Track performance of content through analytical tools to identify which types of content should be continued.

Work on identifying customer personas for better ways to target your customer’s pain points and create content that addresses them to generate more leads.

  1. Social Media Marketing:  The effectiveness of this channel is up for debate as some businesses find social media marketing to be extremely effective, while others find their efforts resulting in minimal leads.

This is commonly a result of badly designed campaigns and targeting rather than a reflection of the overall effectiveness of social media platforms.

To generate valuable leads from social media, your marketing team must be creative, and up to date on the latest design and techniques.


Investing in the most effective lead generation channels is crucial to ensuring the future success of your business.

Paid media, SEO, email marketing, content, and social media marketing lead generation channels when done by a professional can result in keeping your salespeople on phone.

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