Beach Dresses & Bikini Photoshoot Pose Ideas

beach dress photoshoot poses

Learn how to pose in a dress and in bikinis or swimwear at the beach.

Just a few highlights from our beach dress and bikini photoshoot.  Go here to see more ideas on how to pose in a bikini  Please check out the links at the bottom of this post for more beach photoshoots ideas.

Details on how this photo was created are below.

Pro tip:  Try and get to know your photographer before your shoot.  You will both feel more comfortable during the shoot.

Beach Photoshoot Ideas in Dresses and Bikinis

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We recently did a photoshoot for a friend from the UK.  She wanted to be photographed on the beach in a dress and in a bikini. We had a blast getting to know each other the day we did these photos.

The top image was one of my favorite shots.  It is a very technical shot to do but was done with just one light.

As the sun was rising, I used on Godox Pro 400 strobe with no modifier underexposed the sky and used a CTO gel on the strobe to feel in the shadows on the subject.

  • Sony A7III
  • ISO 50
  • Sony 35M
  • f2
  • 5  Stop ND Filter
  • Bare bulb strobe with a CTO gel

Software used:

  • @lightroom
  • @photoshop
  • @nikcollection_official

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