How to use the Color Wheel in Photography?

Learn Color Wheel Photography

What Is Color Grading?

Color Grading helps better communicate the mood of a scene or the artist’s vision of what a scene should look like. The communication of emotion and storytelling through the lens is one of the most powerful tools a photographer has at their disposal.

Scroll to the bottom to see the best video, I have found on color grading for photographers.

Examples of Color Grading

learn color wheel photography

This image is straight out camera. No color grading.

color grading tutorial

I used color grading to add blue to give the photo more depth and help the subject pop.

As a photographer becomes more proficient at color grading, he or she can leverage the power of colors to help their subjects pop off the screen and give their photographs more depth.

When it comes to filmmaking, there’s a big difference between what the director sees in the camera while shooting compared to what we, the viewers, see in the final product. 

It all comes down to postproduction editing and what’s called color grading. You’re probably more familiar with this color grading when it comes to still but it’s a technique that can be applied to any form of visual media.

How does Color Grading Work?

Color grading is the process you use to change the visual appearance of a still photo or video. This can be anything from adding colors and hues to shadows and highlights, to its saturation, contrast, detail, and hue, or the black and white balance.

Professional color grading is as much technical skill as it is an art, and there are few places where this is more evident than filmmaking and looking at what color grading is in video formats.

Color grading allows you to completely change the mood of the image, which can be used to help you further tell the story or convey something about a particular character or setting.

Color grading for both still images and film can help you to produce dramatically different outcomes. Look at some examples where the before and after shots highlight different moods and tones to suit the artist’s preference.

Color grading is mainly used to bring an artistic vision to life.

Secrets of color grading in photography by Joanna Kustra.  Joanna is one of the best photography teachers on color grading.  You should watch this color grading video multiple times!

See more of her work here. 

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