Snapseed Editing Video – Improve your Image in 3 minutes.

Learn how to polish your photographs on your phone using Snapseed. See the video below.

Snapseed is free and available on both Apple and Android.

Download Snapseed in Google Play or Apple App store.

Snapseed Workflow Video

1) Once your image is open in Snapseed, click tools in the bottom right or filters and start tweaking.

2) Crop the image first…for Insta square or 5/4. Try and crop out anything that detracts from the story. Click the checkmark.

3) Next click on Tools then Details.

Slide up and down to see options in this menu. Slide right or left to increase or decrease the amount.

Sharpening – I turn up sharpening rather high and see how it affects the image.

Structure – This really makes your landscapes pop (not good for skin or close up portraits)

Click checkmark.

4) Tune image

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, highlights, shadows and warmth. I typically mess with all of these.

5) Selective

This allows you to edit a section of the photo at a time. Click the plus to set the size of your adjustment area. Then slide up and down for options.

6) Tonal contrast

7) Curves

Allows you to edit highlights, mids and shadows. Also allows color grading.

6) Play around and have fun. When you are satisfied click done and it saves a new version of this photo.


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