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Learn some of the best beaches located near Playa del Carmen.

Sun, sea, and sand. The perfect combination for any Riviera Maya or Cancun beach vacation.

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Which beach in or near Cancun, Mexico, is the most beautiful place to spend the day or get married

The 10 Best Beaches in Cancun, Mexico

A beautiful sunset at isla mujeres, playa norte. This is a short ferry ride from the Cancun hotel zone.

The Mexican Caribbean’s idyllic white sand and turquoise seas have drawn millions of tourists to visit them over the past 50 years. 

It’s a vacationer’s paradise for those who want to watch the sun and the waves crash against the shore. From bustling Cancun on the north of the coast down to the modern hippie vibes of Tulum, this well-loved tourist destination has something for everyone. And the one thing they all have in common – is the beachfront.

But are all beaches along the Mexican Caribbean coastline truly made equally, or are some just that little more special than others? 


What are the 10 Best Beaches in Cancun or a short distance away?

#10 – Punta Esmeralda Beach – Playa del Carmen, Mexico 

best beach playa punta esmerado

A hidden gem located in the northern, less touristy part of Playa del Carmen, Punta Esmerelda is a beach and has a cenote too. 

Only yards away from the breaking waves is a freshwater pool that escapes through the mangroves that are great for splashing in. 

This beach shows Mexico’s natural beauty as it is still relatively underdeveloped and has areas of jungle greens to contrast with the ocean blues for a great family photoshoot. 

#9 – Playa Delfines Beach – Cancun, Mexico

playa delfines cancun beach

Sun, sea, and surf are the features of Playa Delfines. The water is choppier here, with waves crashing against the shoreline, giving you the aural pleasures of beach life and the views! 

While you lie on the white sand, taking in the incredible vista, keep your eyes peeled for the dolphins named after the beach. 

#8 – El Cielo Beach – Cozumel, Mexico

el cielo beach cozumel island.

So, cheating slightly here, as it is not on the Riviera Maya coast, but a short ferry rides away from Playa del Carmen is the island of Cozumel.

This laid-back island has some of the most untouched beaches in the area, and it’s great fun to hire a scooter to beach-hop around the island for the day.  

The stunning vistas of El Cielo, which means ‘heaven,’ are worth a mention on this list. It has waist-deep waters that stretch endlessly. Snorkeling here is also recommended, with sea stars found all over the area!

The beach is surrounded by untouched nature, and its western-facing direction also gives you fabulous sunsets here. 

#7 – Playa Tulum Beach – Tulum, Mexico

playa tulum beach

Tulum’s coastal ‘Hotel Zone’ runs along the stretch of beach at this part of the Riviera Maya coastline. It’s easy to see why Tulum was developed on this stretch of land due to the incredible views and wide sandy beaches.

Nowadays, you can enjoy time at one of the luxe beach clubs, which feature bohemian style décor and natural styling in their design processes. 

They are an Instagram influencer’s idea of heaven and are perfect for creating photo content.   

#6 – Playa Chacmool Beach – Cancun, Mexico

playa chacmool beach cancun

Almost every hotel along the Cancun coastline has beachfront access, with the inviting sea mere footsteps from your resort. Playa Chacmool is one of the most beautiful. 

It has the backdrop of the glitzy high-rise hotels, but the expansive beach leads you to a sea that is so blue you’d think an artist had painted it. 

Here the sea is calmer than others in Cancun due to its angle and the currents, making it great for shots in the surf (without the worry of a wave wipeout!)

#5 – Playa de las Tortugas – Akumal Beach, Mexico

playa de las tortugas akumal

As you can guess by its name, Playa de las Tortugas is famed for its turtles. This spot is excellent for snorkeling and enjoying the marine life in the water.  

It was one of the first tourist towns set up along the coast and had small friendly beach restaurants to grab a bite after soaking up the sun. 

The beach is in a crescent-shaped bay, giving an exciting backdrop in the distance for photographs taken on this part of the coastline. 

#4 – Maroma Beach – Riviera Maya, Mexico 

maroma beach mexico

Prepare yourself for the most expansive sandy beach on the Riviera Maya coast. Situated between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, this beach is accessed only by buying a day pass at a beach club, but it’s well worth the visit. 

The sand here is almost like fresh powdered snow. It’s one of the less crowded beaches compared to others in the region, making it an excellent backdrop for getting the perfect shot without worrying about who may be in the background.

#3 – Playa Paraiso Beach – Tulum, Mexico

playa paraiso beach–tulumjpg

Another Tulum beach for the ultimate photogenic shots is Playa Paraiso. Named ‘Paradise,’ this beach is probably recognizable as the stunning imagery from travel brochures. 

Not only does Playa Paraiso have the whitest sands and water in almost unbelievable shades of blue, but you also get the backdrop of the Mayan ruins at Tulum – the only ancient archaeological site in the area built overlooking the coast.

#2 – Xpu-ha Beach, Located between Playa del Carmen & Tulum

xpu ha riviera maya beach

Away from the bustling towns, Xpu-ha is a stunning beach favorite of the locals and ex-pats. You can see where the forest meets the sea and stroll along the azure waters. 

The weekend brings the crowds for watersports and picnics in this dreamy location, and once you’ve seen the immense beauty for yourself, you’ll know why.

#1 – Playa Norte – Isla Mujeres – A short ferry ride from the  Cancun Hotel Zone

playa norte isla mujere beach

Commonly hitting the top of many lists of the best beaches in the world, let alone the Cancun, Playa Norte on the island of Isla Mujeres combines the most vivid, clear turquoise seas with powdery white sand.

There are minimal waves, and the water stays waist-deep far off the coast, making it perfect for splashing around! 

It’s often the preferred spot for yachts and catamarans to drop anchor during tours of the coast.

Also, as one of the few west coast beaches in the area, it’s one of the best beaches to enjoy one of the best sunsets near Cancun.

Create Memories on the 10 Best Beaches Near Cancun

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