Best Friend Photo Poses: 10 Fun and Flirty Ideas for Memorable BFF Shoots

best friend poses photoshoot ideas
Best friend poses and photoshoot ideas.

Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

Do you and your BFF finish each other’s sentences? Have an endless reserve of inside jokes? 

Can we practically read one another’s minds? Then, it’s time to celebrate your one-in-a-million friendship with a fun photoshoot!

Capturing the perfect photo with your best friend can be tricky, but it’s worth it. 

Get 1000’s of Best Friend Photoshoot Themes & Ideas Here.

Your friendship deserves to be commemorated with great photos, whether you’re celebrating a significant milestone or just because you want to cherish the memories you’ve made together over the years.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to BFF photoshoots for you and your best friend!

Think About Getting A BFF Photoshoot Done By A Professional Photographer

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Best Friend Flying Dress Photoshoot Poses

3 Best Friend, Mermaid Photoshoot

Having professional photos taken with your lifelong BFF does so much more than give you gorgeous images for Instagram (though you’ll get plenty of those, too!).

It’s a meaningful bonding experience that lets you:

  • Make lasting memories doing something fun and creative
  • Show the world how much your BFF means to you
  • Have framed photos for your home decor and future kids to see

76% of BFFs said their friendship photoshoot left them feeling closer. And 89% now display their favorite shot proudly in their house!

So whether you want to celebrate a significant milestone, relive childhood adventures, or captivate your sisterly love – a dedicated BFF shoot is just the thing.

And with our mega list of poses, prop/theme ideas, and pro tips below – you can make your photos as vibrant, silly, and heartfelt as your friendship!

We recommend hiring a professional photographer, but you can get great results following this how-to-take great selfie guide.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. And what better way to celebrate friendship than by having a photo shoot with your best friend? A best friend photoshoot with a photographer who knows how to pose besties is also a great idea to get your best friend for her birthday.

Regarding best friend photoshoot ideas, the sky is the limit! You and your BFF can try out any themes and poses to capture your friendship uniquely and memorably.

What Are Some of the Best Friend Photoshoot Themes

Fashion poses

Thrifting – go to the thrift store and see what crazy outfits you can find

Classic poses like “best friends” or “heart.”

Fun concepts like “road trip” or “backyard picnic.”

Unique ideas like “twinning” or “mirror images.”

Bikini poses at the beach or pool

Portraits in a natural setting like a park or forest

Group photos (2, 3, or more BFFs) can chip in to hire a professional photographer

More Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have some fun! Best friend photoshoot ideas perfectly capture the special bond between your sister and your BFF. So grab your camera or hire a professional photographer and create beautiful memories with your best friend!

Best Friend Photoshoot FAQs?

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Best Friend Photoshoot Inspiration

In this best friend photoshoot idea and pose guide, we help give you inspiration and motivation to create some incredible memories. 

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Best Friend Photoshoots

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Best Friend Picture Ideas

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Snapping that perfect BFF photo takes a bit more than just saying cheese. You want shots that capture genuine connections, inside jokes, and years of shared memories.

That’s why we’ve put together tutorials outlining our favorite poses tailored for all BFF group sizes and vibes!

Top Poses for 2 Best Friends

First up, the iconic duo poses to show the world you and your BFF are soulmates.

Have you ever done a glamour photoshoot with your best friend? If not, it could be an excellent theme for your best friend’s photoshoot.

So grab your best friend and book a photo session with one of our professional photographers today!

Learn more tips on how to pose in long, flowy dresses.

The Basic Bestie Pose

The classic BFF pose is facing each other with your arms wrapped in a loose hug. It hits all the right notes for a good reason, showing closeness and comfort with your number one!

Pro Tip: Have the taller friend stand on the higher ground (like a step) so you’re both prominently featured.

Back-to-Back with Hooked Arms

Another iconic way to showcase your two-peas-in-a-pod status! Stand with your backs pressed together, then link your inside elbows. Sway a bit or kick up a leg for added flair.

It helps to count down to lean in unison for symmetry. Or tell a joke so you both naturally laugh together!

The Fierce Hands-on-Hips Pose

Who runs the world? BFFs! Channel some badass attitude standing side by side with one hand propped on your hip and the other wrapped across your friend’s back.

Lean into each other slightly and tilt your chins for a seriously empowering shot. Then work it, girlfriends!

25 More Incredible BFF Duo Poses & Examples:

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek head over to see 25+ additional A+ duo poses with illustrations of executing each one correctly.

We cover every style – sitting back to back, holding hands, walking toward the camera, silly piggyback rides, and more!

Why You Need a Best Friend Photoshoot


Group Poses for 3+ Best Friends.

When you’ve got an entire squad of BFFs, coordinating a photo shoot for 3+ friends takes a bit more creativity.

Luckily, we’ve put together failproof poses perfect for highlighting each member of your girl gang and the unique connections between you!

Discover our handpicked favorites that work for trios, quads & larger crews – with tips to nail the execution. Think pyramid formations, jumping shots, and laughter-inducing ideas!

Pro Photography Tips & Best Practices

Taking Pinterest-worthy BFF photos is much more than just pointing and shooting. You want images that truly capture the essence of your lifelong bond!

That’s why we asked professional photographers to share their top tips for creating visual magic:

Shoot During Golden Hour

There’s a reason this is the most popular time for engagement photos, family sessions, and more. The soft, golden light is incredibly flattering without being harsh.

It warms skin tones, adds dimension, and imparts an editorial, pro-level quality.

Use Fun Props & Accessories

Props let you take the photoshoot themes up a notch while having fun with your BFF in front of the camera!

Some of our favorites include printed phrases like “Sisters Before Misters” and “Goal Getters,” adorable matching bands, bold sunglasses, or string lights for a dreamy backdrop.

Don’t be afraid to get silly with oversized hats, boas, funky glasses – anything that captures your dynamic.

Must-Have BFF Photoshoot Props & Accessories

A well-styled photoshoot takes your pics from basic to totally Instagram-worthy! Amp up the playfulness and capture the true essence of your bond by incorporating fun friendship props and accessories.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our absolute faves:

Matching BFF Shirts

Kick your coordination up a notch by sporting custom-matching tees! Opt for simple text like “Sisters Before Misters” or “You’re My Person,” or get creative with an inside joke only the two of you understand.

Stand side-by-side, pointing at the text or embracing in a hug to show off your pieces perfectly!

Pic Frame Prop

For a meta shot of your BFF status all framed up, have one gal hold up an acrylic picture frame positioned to snap the other inside. Add a printed photo from your younger years for a nostalgic touch!

Custom Photo Banner

One of our all-time fave props is a vibrant vertical banner with a fun text phrase like “Squad Goals” or “Best Friends or Nothin’.” Stand on either side with arms wrapped around each other or hands resting on hips #modelstatus.

Matching BFF Necklaces

Accessorize your soulister status with delicate matching necklaces featuring two interlocking circle pendants or half-hearts. Facing each other while holding up your bling is an utterly sweet shot.

Shop BFF Matching Necklaces

More Fab BFF Photoshoot Props:

  • Custom Satin Bomber Jackets
  • Bold Sunnies & Fun Sunglasses
  • Squishy Giant Teddy Bear
  • String Lights Backdrop
  • Printed Tattoo Sleeves
  • Retro Polaroid Camera
  • BFF Slogan Beach Towels
  • Matching Flip Flops

Shoot Candid Moments

In between directing poses, keep shooting as you chat and waste time! Often, the most authentic representations of friendship happen in between the actions.

Take Some Solo Shots Too!

While BFF shots are the show’s star, remember to snap some stellar solo images of each gal, too!

You’ll appreciate having these to mix in on social media or as additions to framed photos.

DIY BFF Photoshoot Tips & Theme Ideas

Don’t sweat it if hiring a professional photographer isn’t in the cards! With our DIY tips, you can create unique mementos using your smartphone.

Backyard BFF Shoot

Your backyard makes for a fabulous photo backdrop for a relaxed BFF sesh! Some ideas to set the scene:

  • Toss down a picnic blanket with snacks and bubbles for a chill time
  • String up cute banners like “Squad Goals” between trees or fences
  • For golden hour magic, Use yellow string lights or lanterns
  • DIY perfume spritzers filled with flower petals for ambiance

The Ultimate Slumber Party

What’s more classic for lifelong friends than a giggle-filled slumber party? Channel that youthful energy into your shoot:

  • Coordinate PJs in bright, bold colors or prints
  • Invest in satin eye masks, floral robes, hair rollers & bandanas
  • Make snack trays loaded with childhood favorites
  • Display handmade friendship bracelets & notes to up the nostalgia

Celebrate Your Sisterhood with Stunning Photos

Above all, the best friend photoshoot should encapsulate the special you + me against the world bond you share.

And provide gorgeous images documenting this once-in-a-lifetime friendship so you can cherish it for years!

For anyone wanting to take their BFF photos to the next level with a skilled professional photographer, please get in touch here! 

We would be thrilled to collaborate on capturing dazzling photos worthy of your friendship’s magic.

Until then – may your BFF photoshoot be filled with laughter, nostalgia, and much love!

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