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It was a pleasure to photograph Marianela Pitteri creatively in Playa del Carmen!

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Here is what drives model, musician, and videographer @marianelapitteri.ok – please give her a follow. Check out her YouTube videos and music here. Read her bio below.

Creative Bikini Pose Ideas for Your Next Photoshoot

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English translation below.

Her Words in Spanish

Soy Marianela Pitteri y comencé a hacer música y videos muy recientemente. Expreso mi personalidad a través de los momentos y procesos por los que he pasado en mi vida.

Me gustaría que me acompañaras y disfrutaras de un momento de paz y dejes volar tus emociones y bailen con mi música y se convierte en nuestro momento!

Cada ambientación y vestuario son elegidos para resaltar todas las facetas que tiene una persona, tanto femenina como masculina, ese lado opuesto que todos tenemos y tenemos prohibido mostrar, la idea es empoderarnos y salir con nuestras armas tanto emocional como físicamente. luchar por construir algo mejor.

Marianela Pitteri Music Can Be Found Here:


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Marianela Pitteri

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Marianela Pitteri


I am Marianela Pitteri, and I recently started making music and videos. I express my personality through the moments and processes that I have gone through in my life.

I would like you to accompany me, enjoy a moment of peace, and let your emotions fly and dance to my music, and it becomes our moment!

Every photoshoot location and costume are chosen to highlight all the facets a person has, both female and male – the opposite sides of the energy spectrum. The idea is to empower ourselves and go out with our weapons both emotionally and physically to fight to build something better.

Swimwear by @rominaplaya

Camera Gear and Lighting Used:

Camera: Sony A7III
Lens: Sony 35m prime
ISO 200
Light: Natural
Software used:

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