How to Pose for a Boudoir or Lingerie Photoshoot?

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I recently shot with the lovely Lucinda Olaseinde. She can teach you how to pose like a model.

Here is her philosophy on life, modeling, and empowering women. Scroll to the bottom to see more of her favorite modeling poses.

Lucinda Olaseinde – Playa del Carmen based Fashion Model

Half Italian and half Nigerian, born in Rome, with a London university degree in Biomedicine, I am a 24-year-old girl who, alongside my passion for medicine, I have always been highly inspired and always interested in modeling, photos, the skill and art of capturing the beauty of the moment and of the female body and its diversity.


Having always been into sports, such as gymnastics, I have been modeling since 16 having done various photoshoots in Rome, and I’m now, more than ever, very passionate about expanding my career into modeling.


I have been traveling since I was 18-year-old, another huge passion I have and have visited over 10 countries including Japan, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and have I lived for 6 months in the jungle of Costa Rica, where I did a beautiful photoshoot immersed in nature. I have been living in Mexico for 6 months.


I love to travel by myself, as I am very adventurous, determined, and curious to explore, see and get to know different cultures and the beauty this world has to offer.


I have become very passionate about modeling in different countries and sceneries and sustaining female empowerment. This is my way to inspire young people to see the world with artistic eyes and the creativity of modeling, photos, and all the infinite creative styles possibilities. I love the beauty of exotic different looks and diversity of models, the elegance and power of the female body.

Gear & Lighting Used:

Camera: Sony A7III
Lens: Sony 35M prime
ISO 200
Light: Natural & Godox 400 Pro strobe in a softbox.
Software used:


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Photography Coach Joshua Ardoin

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