9 Male Model Poses You Can Start Using Today!

male posing ideas for photoshoots
Learn some easy male poses! Rock your Instagram with these pose ideas!
male model poses
We have put together some male model poses to help you rock your next instagram photoshoot!

Male Model Poses for Beginners

Here are some essential tips on how males or models can look their best when taking photos for Instagram or selfies. But, of course, everyone wants to look great in their Instagram photos!

To ensure you have the best male model photoshoot – you need to know how you should stand and which angles look best for your body type. That is where a professional photographer can help you.

This article will show you some of the best poses for male models or guys who want to take better photos.

We will also provide tips on the best way to angle your body for the most flattering photographs.

If you are a photographer or someone who wants to look their best on Instagram, it is vital to have some good poses memorized.

Angles, lighting, and a relaxed and confident look are the most critical elements to creating an excellent male model pose to make a great photograph.

We picked these male model poses since they communicate confidence and are easy to replicate and remember. You don’t want to think about poses when you are in the photoshoot.

1. Hands In The Pockets

male model pose ideas

One of the first questions to be asked by new models is, “What should I do with my hands?”
One way to solve this issue is the traditional hands-in-pockets pose.

Depending on the look you are going for, you may have one hand or both hands in your pockets; make sure the thumbs are lightly inserted into your jean or pant front pockets.

But, of course, with lots of variation, this pose can also be paired with other poses on this list.

2. Arms Crossed – Male Model Pose

how to pose men in a suitejpg

You know this one; it is the pose that you’ll find worldwide on technical directories and profile pages. It’s also convenient and straightforward, especially for men or male models who may not be used to posing professionally.

This pose can invoke different moods depending on the facial expression, from businesslike to an ambitious man who gets things done. This pose can also be paired with other poses in this man posing guide, much like the hands-in-pockets pose – feel free to try this lookout in your next photoshoot.

3. The Wardrobe Adjustment

wadrobe shift male model pose

Subtle moves like making your male photography client roll up his sleeves, changing his cufflinks, repairing his tie, pop his collar, or touching his watch or cap to give your model something to do with his hands. This pose serves two purposes for fashion photographers: first, it helps create a comfortable, casual environment, and second, it draws attention to the features of the ensemble.

4. Lean On Something

male model pose holding something

Have your model lean against a wall for a relaxed, expressive portrait. You may make him lean sideways or back straight ahead.

Also, you can ask him to lift one leg and force it for a relaxed vibe against the wall. Here, feel free to photograph your subject from all angles.

5. Jacket Over The Arm 

men posintn tips & shoot ideas

In fashion magazines and editorials, you can notice this pose, and it works for a model who’s standing still or moving. Have your subject use one hand to drape his jacket or sweater over his shoulder for a “nonchalant,” casual-cool vibe.

6. Have Your Male Model Turn Into The Pose

male model posing tips

Introspection, self-confidence, poise, and all in between, can be conveyed using this dynamic male fitness pose.

Have your subject turn his hips slightly away, then turn into the camera.

7. Photograph Your Male Model Doing Something He Loves

guy hitting a golf ball

Photographing someone doing something they love helps your model convey confidence and relaxation.

8. The Side Portrait

men portrait photographer in cancun and tulum

9.  Ask Your Model To Walk Towards And Shoot A Burst

male model pose walking

Thanks for reading! We hope this male model posing article has given you some ideas on how to prepare for your next professional photoshoot or even an Instagram selfie.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Stay tuned for more articles on photography and male posing ideas!

Lastly, have fun and take lots of photos  – you will get a few great ones!

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