Boho Fashion Shoot in Playa del Carmen 

tulum boho chic fashion photoshoot
Model: Kirsten Paulides Boho Playa del Carmen fashion photoshoot.

Model Kirsten Paulides, Wayak Boutique, and SpotOn Photographers Collab On A Beach Photoshoot

There’s nothing quite like a fashion shoot between great models and a boutique you like.

The sun-kissed beaches and vibrant Playa del Carmen and Tulum colors are perfect backdrops for any photoshoot. 

We recently photographed an array of boho dresses, bikinis, beach dresses, and boots for a local boutique in Playa del Carmen.

Here are some highlights from our fashion photography photoshoot.

Model: Kirsten Paulides

Kirsten specializes in underwater, bikini, boudoir, fashion, fitness, swimwear, and lifestyle modeling. Her Instagram is located here.

Boho Boutique: Wayak in Playa del Carmen

Address:📍Calle 38 con av 30 Plaza Sorianita.

Instagram page for Wayak Boho Boutique

Boho Beach Dresses 

The first thing we photographed was the boho dresses. 

These flowy pieces featured intricate embroidery, bold patterns, and beautiful colors that popped against the white sand beach.

Our model looked stunning as she twirled around in these dresses, her hair blowing in the breeze. 

The photos came out great and genuinely captured that effortless beauty that is so often associated with bohemian style. 

Beach Bikini Photoshoot

Next up were the bikinis! 

Again, we had a variety of styles to choose from—from classic triangle shapes to high-waisted bottoms—all embellished with fun details like ruffles and hardware accents. 

We got some fantastic shots of our model lounging in the sun while wearing these swimsuits, making them look even more fashionable than they already are! 

Summer Beach Dresses & Cowboy Boots 

Finally, we photographed some beach dresses paired with boots – a combination that makes a statement! 

We chose two different looks – one with an off-the-shoulder dress and ankle boots; and one with a long maxi dress and knee-high boots. 

Both pairings looked stunning on our model as she posed on top of a rock formation overlooking the crystal blue ocean waters below. 

The photos from this part of the shoot were our favorites!  

Final Thoughts

 All in all, it was a fantastic experience shooting for this local boutique in Playa del Carmen. 

We had a great time capturing all these different looks and watching them come to life through photography. 

Remember to check out this Boho Tulum-inspired boutique if you’re looking for fashion inspiration or want to take your style up a notch!

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