Sony A7IV: The Full Frame Photography and Video Workhorse

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Learn about this photographers journey to the Sony A7IV.

Sony Cameras for Professionals

I have been shooting Sony mirrorless cameras professionally for over 11 years now.

In that time, I have seen the company grow and change, but one thing has remained constant: Sony’s commitment to creating excellent cameras for professional and personal use.

With the release of the new Sony a7IV, they have once again set the standard for what a mirrorless camera should be.

This blog post will share my experience shooting with Sony mirrorless cameras over the past 11 years.

Here are the Sony Cameras I have Owned

Sony A55 – Available In April 2010

Sony A99 – Available In September 2012. This was my first full-frame camera.

Sony A7iii – Available In February 2018

Sony A7iv – Went On Sale In December 2021. However, I was not able to get one until May 19, 2022

Why I Love Sony Mirrorless Cameras

1. I have been shooting Sony mirrorless cameras professionally for over 11 years and have never looked back.

2. The quality of the images I can produce with a Sony mirrorless camera is excellent.

3. The portability of these cameras is also a huge plus – I can take them anywhere without worrying about lugging around a heavy DSLR.

4. Another great thing about shooting with a Sony mirrorless camera is the vast array of lenses available. One of my favorite lenses is Sony’s 35M prime lens, which stops from f1.8.

5. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new camera system consider Sony mirrorless cameras. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I specialize in shooting mirrorless cameras for fashion, boudoir, fitness, portraits, and real estate photography.

I love how mirrorless cameras allow me to be creative with my low-light photography while getting excellent results.

Here Are The Genres of Photography I like Shooting

Initial Thoughts on the Sony A7IV Full Frame Mirrorless

As a professional photographer, I was thrilled to receive the new Sony a7iv camera. This camera comprises features that professional photographers and videographers love and appreciate.

For starters, the eye-tracking autofocus is incredibly accurate, making it easy to capture sharp images, even on moving targets.

Thanks to the sizable 33-megapixel sensor and advanced image processing, the image quality is also outstanding.

And the video capabilities are impressive, with 4K recording and smooth image video stabilization.

I can’t wait to start sharing tips and images created with this camera. I’m sure that bloggers and photography enthusiasts will be excited to see what this camera can do.

If you’re considering switching to a mirrorless camera system or are just curious about what they’re all about, I recommend giving Sony mirrorless cameras. I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Sony A7IV Specs From Sony

Fast Hybrid Autofocus With Improved Speed, And Tracking

Fast Hybrid AF accurately focuses on even small objects or people posing against a night background using a combination of phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF.

A broad and dense autofocus area covers approximately 94% of the image area for a photo and video shooting, with 759 phase-detection points 25, while the contrast-detection autofocus system uses 425 points.

The latest powerful processing engine analyzes this extensive data collection in real-time to achieve the impressive results of the autofocus system.

Real-Time Eye Autofocus and Real-Time Tracking based on AI

The superior processing power of the BIONZ XR engine has led to improvements in both Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking functions. Improved face detection translates to 30% better eye detection accuracy.

Sony A7IV Video Specifications

4K 60p with 10-bit Recording

The a7IV gives you an impressive array of video recording options. For example, full pixel readout without pixel binning enables 4K, 60p Recording nine and, when shooting 4K 30p movies, upsampling ten into 7K full-frame 11 produces highly detailed 4K high resolution.

4:2:2 10-bit video can be recorded internally, allowing for fuller, more natural gradations and greater editing freedom.
The XAVC HS™ 12 file format offers approximately twice the encoding efficiency of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264.

Source: Sony A7IV product page.

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